Institutional Member Application

Kansas City Area Health Care Recruiters Association
2800 Clay Edwards Drive
North Kansas City, MO 64116

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Membership dues are $300.00 per year, which covers January 1st to December 31st.  Memberships paid after October 1st will be grandfathered into the following fiscal year.

Please submit payment by December 31st. Please make checks payable to KCAHCRA.

Mail to:  The University of Kansas Health System, Gina Salazar, 4000 Cambridge Street, Mailstop 1014, Kansas City, KS 66160

Institutional membership may be granted to organizations that provide recruitment related services or projects and are interested in supporting the goals and furthering the development and growth of KCAHCRA. Institutional members are eligible to attend the monthly meetings, able to sponsor one meeting a year and participate in committees. Institutional members are ineligible to vote as a member or hold any office in the association. 

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